Remaining Nursery Stock for Sale

We have quite a bit of left over stock, so we are having small chunks of time open to your coming, perusing and hopefully buying. 

Here are the first two chunks of time.
Wednesday, May 18th (tomorrow), from 5-6;30 pm. Thursday, May 19th, from 2-4 pm
4221 School Rd. Madison

We will not be putting together orders for pick-up.  You need to come shop.  We have made a lot of effort to put forth these trees, shrubs, plants and mushroom logs, and we just don’t have any oom pah pah to put orders together.  I am attaching a list of remaining stock.  We are OUT of shitake logs, but still have golden oyster and blue oyster logs for sale.  Our nursery stock is very low priced.  

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