MAPG Plant Sale questions for you

So, if you are like me you are scouring seed and nursery catalogs and websites choosing some of how you are envisioning the coming growing season.

We are wondering how many of you are interested in MAPG Tree, Shrub, Plant & Log sale?  Are you interested in Buying?  Are you interested in volunteering to help at it?  Could you be available to help set it up?

We are hoping that you might go through the online list of nursery stock at our friends Reeseviille Ridge Nursery.  Here’s a link for you.


Also, are you interested in us trying to buy from another nursery, and do they give wholesale prices?

Last year was online and totally distanced.  If we do have a sale this year it would most likely be the two first weekends in May and you would be coming by appointment to shop masking and at a distance outside.

Last year we mostly broke even and didn’t make a lot.  Sue Hessel spent a LOT of time on this.  I did too, but not quite as much because it wasn’t at my property.  Our friend, Ginny Borman, was the biggest helper and she died last Summer, so we are pondering how to proceed and wondering who and how many even want us too.

If you could ponder this and give feedback to me that would be greatly appreciated.


Kate H-C

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