Updates on Scheduling for Guild Courses & Events

COVID-19 has wedged its way into our lives and created some very big changes and many cancellations and postponements.  For the Madison Area Permaculture Guild also.

The 2020 Permaculture Design Certificate Course is postponed to May 22-24, June 26-28 and July 17-19.  All registered students have been notified and almost all have responded.

Our 2020 Permaculture Teacher Training is cancelled.  We most likely will reschedule it next winter.

The Mushroom log plugging on April 19 is cancelled.

The Tree, Shrub, Plant and Log sale scheduled for the first weekend in May continues on the calendar though will be a sale done with distancing.  No staff or help persons personing the area.  Self wrapping, paying with check or cash into box, and only 2 people or so in the tent at a time.  We will try to send out a list of what we’re selling later in April and most likely the sale will last longer than 2 days because of how we’re having to set it up.  We will let you know more as we know more.  It will take place at 4221 School Rd.

There is a “Needs and Offerings(yields)” Sign Up documents on our Google Group under Madison Permaculture.  Please feel free to use it for these times we’re in.  Questions?

Feel free to contact Kate at 608-213-2230 if you have questions or need to connect.


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