August Gathering for MAPG at Troy Gardens on the 23rd.

Hi Everyone,
We will be doing a casual gathering at Troy Gardens Pizza Nite next Thursday, August 23rd between 4-7 pm.  I will be setting up a table and selling Permaculture books and pizza, from their wonderful pizza oven, will be served.  Not sure how much they charge for it, but also vegetables are for roasted up.  Here’s a link to their pizza nites.
If you don’t know where Troy Gardens is, it’s on Troy Drive on the north side of Madison off of Northport Dr./Hwy. 113.  Take a left and just follow the road up to the gardens.  The community gardens, Kids Garden, Farm, Prairie and walking trails are quite lovely at this time of year.  If you have not been here, please check it out.
The pizza nites are family friendly.
Hope to see you.
Just an fyi, I will be out of town the later part of August and most of September.  Unless someone else plans a September meeting, there won’t be one.  It’s fine either way.  Let me know if it’s something you might want to do.  You need to let me know before August 25th.
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