10th Permaculture Guild Birthday Party Sunday, July 22nd

This coming Sunday, July 22nd
Noon until 2:30 pm
Frost Woods Beach Park
5800 Winnequah Rd., Monona
Please bring your own dishes, silver, chairs, blankets, etc.  There are two picnic tables or so in the park.  I will bring a folding one for the food dishes just in case.
Beach is open at this point.  Great place for wading, swimming, kayaking, air mattressing or other flotation devices.  No lifeguard on duty.
Everyone is welcome no matter how much you have, or haven’t, participated in the Guild’s events over the years!!!  It’s about community.
This park has a very small parking lot, so please park on the nearby side streets, but not Winnequah Rd.
Lawn games are welcomed.  Water games too.  There are old, mature trees there that will provide some lovely shaded space for us to gather.  It is supposed to be 77 degrees and sunny.  Sounds like a perfect day to gather and celebrate.
With Care of the Earth, Care of the People, and Sharing the Resources in my heart,
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