Free Herb Talk Monday July 11th – Monarda (Bee Balm)

Monday July 11th 6:00:-7:30: Monarda is a very useful native plant.  Its common name is Bee Balm and is also known as Sweet Leaf by Native American healers.  Both our native bee balm with the light blue/purple flowers (fistulosa) and the larger variety many of us have in our gardens with larger red flowers (didyma) are useful plants medicinally.  Fevers, burns, nerves, bladder, sinus congestion and headaches and much more.  They can be used fresh or dried in teas or tinctures.  Both the leaves and flowers are used.  Its a great time to come and harvest some to take home and dry for use later, perfect to have on-hand for cold and flu season.  There will be a handout for you to take home, bring collection bags and a small jar and high proof alcohol if you want to make a tincture.  As always, bring your gardening gloves and clippers if you have them.  There will be Monarda iced tea for everyone to try too!  Jean Schneider will be leading our talk this week.

More info:

Carpooling – post a note to our MAPG Google Group, or contact Jean 608-513-0016

MAPG Herb Garden is at 3919 Gray Road DeForest (Token Creek, two miles north of Madison)

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