Monday June 27th Free Herb Talk on Lavender

Monday June 27th 6:00:-7:30: Lavender is in full bloom now.  Come learn how to use lavender in your life!  We will be harvesting lavender, learning how to make a tincture or infused honey from it.  Please cut and bring any lavender flower stalks you have at home too.  Kate McFeeley, Herbalist and owner of Prairie Pearls, will be leading the talk about Lavender.  There will be a handout to take home with you.  There are lots of other plants ready to harvest and dry or to transplant and take home with you (chocolate mint, catnip, white sage for smudge sticks, hyssop and more).  Ginny is bringing some really lovely food to share with everyone: Lavender-Marinated Chicken and Mizuna Salad with Kiwi-Lavender Vinaigrette and Lavender Honey Ice Cream.  Come join us for some herbal community of sharing of plants, knowledge and food.

More info here:

Carpooling – please post to the MAPG Google group or call Jean at 608-513-0016

Herb Garden is at 3919 Gray Road, DeForest (Token Creek) 2 miles north of Madison

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