Free Herb Talk Monday at the MAPG Garden

The MAPG Free Herb Garden talks are the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month.  Please join us this Monday:
June 13th 6:00-7:30 – Comfrey.  The comfrey is just starting to flower now.  This is a very useful plant to use in salves in healing cuts and scrapes and as a tea for keeping bones strong, healing broken bones and as a nutritive tea for digestion.  Come learn more about comfrey, harvest some leaves and flowers for tea, and even dig up some plants to take home with you for your garden!  Please bring a small spade, garden gloves and containers to put your plants and plant cuttings into.

The rue is also flowering now and ready for harvest for spiritual uses, rosa rugosa plants are ready to dug up and take home with you, peppermint/ spearmint/ chocolate mint also ready to be taken home with you as either plants or cuttings for tea.  We also are putting out an URGENT  call to help with pulling out some unruly plants – we appreciate your help with this anytime, just call or send us a note with when you want to come.  Bring a friend!  You are welcome to dig up plants and harvest if you are coming to work in the garden.  THANK YOU!

Feel free to bring anything to share with the group, food or something herbal you want to show off.  Ginny mentioned bringing some homemade herbal ice cream…  No need to bring anything, come as you are.  Send out a note to the Google Group for carpooling or contact me directly.  3919 Gray Road DeForest (Token Creek)
Jean Schneider
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