2015 Wrap Up for MAPG

MAPG Year-End Newsletter


Please Save the Dates:  First MAPC Permaculture Design Certificate Course will be offered as a 3 day, 3 weekend course taking place at a private residence on the westside accessible by bike, bus and street parking for cars.  May 13-15th, June 24-26th and July 22nd-24th

Registration will open after the holidays and may fill up fast because we already have 5 people ready to register.  We are also waiting to confirm for an 8 Day PDC out at the Farley Center in the Fall. Call Kate with more questions.

Garden Expo Tabling by MAPG: February 12th-14th.  Friday evening, Saturday all day and Sunday 3/4’s of the day and set up and take down.  We will again have a double booth.  Let me know if you are interested.  I will post a sign up spread sheet with work shifts very soon.

Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence Planning Team for 2016 is still working on a Date and Location so keep your ears open about that.

So, what has happened for MAPG in 2015?

 We had a very successful Garden Expo tabling with many books sold and a fundraising profit of $900.  Many MAPGers showed up to work shifts and hang together at the booths.  It was very much fun.

Our MAPG Spring Plant, Shrub and Tree Sale Fundraiser was also a success, even though we got rained out early on the Sunday of our two day sale.  We were so fortunate to be given free space and promotion at the Mad City Bazaar and it was a well attended sale for us.  We made about $1100 for the Guild.  Lots of work for a few people, including myself, but well worth it.   We are always looking for more volunteers.  Will be placing orders very soon.  Ideas?  Let me know.

  *These sales and fundraisers allow the Guild to have scholarship monies for PDC’s and other educational events, for liability insurance, web site costs, office supplies, projector, tables, movie screen, tools and that sort of thing.  MAPG has no paid staff but as much as possible we pay for PDC teachers, coordinators, space rental, some food and educational material for monthly meetings, etc.  We also are one of the main sponsors with money and volunteer time for the Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence.

MAPG’s Token Creek Herb Collective’s Educational Herb Garden continued this year with more people attending educational/work evenings and days and beauty abounding.  Lots of medicinal herbs were shared out throughout the season.  We are always looking for more interested people.  I think 2016 will be our 5th or 6th year.

Our Permaculture Design Certificate Course 2015 took place in June out at the Farley Center outside of Verona and was a huge success.  12 graduates and we formed a very cordial and wonderful relationship with the land and with the center.  The class project was to install plantings and water harvesting earthworks on a new barren embankment next to a new shed and it turned out very well.  Just an FYI on PDC’s over the years.  In 2008, 2009 and 2010 we partnered with Midwest Permaculture to present the PDC to our area.  In 2011 we took a break and 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 I took on the role as Lead Coordinator and Teacher for the Course.  We have graduated 112 people over all of those years.  These incredible people are taking it out into the world in wonderful and diverse ways.

The 2015 Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence doubled its attendance over 2014.  We had the good fortune of a beautiful farm an hour north of Milwaukee to host our event.  155 people attended and we had very diverse subjects being taught by wonderful people from around the state and Midwest.  Our keynote was Pandora Thomas from Oakland, CA presenting on social justice and permaculture. She was awesome.  The planning team continues to learn and grow as we offer up this event for Permaculture networking and education in our region.  A huge big thank you to Drew Carlson and the whole team who made this happen.  We are hoping to locate the 2016 Convergence in the Driftless Area and are looking for a location and date as I write this.  If you’d like to help out or know of the perfect farm or public space please contact Drew Carlson to let him know.  Also, a big thanks to MieKAL And for sharing his incredible wine to folks on Saturday night.

This year we switched the location for our monthly Guild meetings to the First Congregational downtown and on campus.  Thanks to Josh Feyen for reserving and helping to host those meetings.  We had a variety of gatherings with education thrown into the mix as much as possible.  Attendance has been down at meetings but this is a great way for new people to be welcomed into the fold.  Please let me know if you would like to help out or present on a topic or about your very own Permaculture Project, yard, garden, etc.  The church is at the corner of Old University Avenue and Breeze Terrace and is accessible by bike, bus and car with decent parking lots in the back of the church.  Everyone is welcome at these meetings.

I’m sure I am forgetting something wonderful and important that we all manifested in 2015, but suffice it to say that we are doing pretty darn well for a grassroots organization that will be 8 years old in May.  I appreciate all of you, but want to give HUGE thanks to these peeps that worked especially hard in 2015 to make this all happen.  Jean Schneider, Judy Skog, Drew Carlson, Linnzi Hodel, Sue Hessel, Josh Feyen, Marian Farrior, Emily Steinwehe, Karina Desano, Math Heinzel and Lavender Knight.

Also, another huge thanks to the Kailo Fund for offering up financial support in providing scholarships to educational events.  Grant Abert and Tina Frailey/Abert rock it with their support for a resilient community.

Okay, that’s it for 2015 if you got this far.  I am so blessed to know and work with so many of you on so many different levels.  Sometimes it gets really hard and I feel like a packhorse just hauling shit around, but then there are all of those moments of beauty with you and others out in the world around this incredible wholistic systems methodology called Permaculture, and it feeds me and makes it all alright.  Let’s all make sure to self care of Zone 00 and be kind and loving towards each other.  I am honored.  Seriously, I am honored.  Thank you for all you do in the world.

Big Hugs of Appreciation,

Kate Heiber-Cobb

Founder/Coordinator of the Madison Area Permaculture Guild

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