Roots workshop – Saturday Oct 24, 1P

We are planning to harvest roots from the herb garden at the Token Creek Eco-Inn on Saturday Oct. 24th at 1:00 pm.  We will harvest echinacea, marshmallow, elecampane and valerian.  There will be oregon grape root available, which has been tinctured in the recent past, but could now be used to infuse oil or honey and collect more of the awesome antibacterial properties of the root.

You can help us dig roots up and take some home with you to tincture.  There will be a demonstration on how to tincture fresh root.  We will not be providing alcohol or containers. Quantities may be limited for some of the roots, but there is a lot of valerian and echinacea.  Everyone will get something to take home.

There will be a take home hand-out of the properties of the various roots and the ratios for tincturing them fresh.
Please park in the grassy strip off of Portage Rd. along the line of fir trees. I strongly suggest car pooling.
Bring hand digging tools, gloves, and baggies for your roots.
Please RSVP to
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