MAPG Fundraiser Tree, Shrub & Plant Sale May 16th and May 17th

Build A Guild

10 am until 4 pm

1800 E. Washington Avenue (Fiore shopping center parking lot)

The following trees and shrubs are all Bare Root Stock and will need to be planted asap. 

Aronia, alder, paw paw, persimmon, grafting stock (cherry and apple), sea berry, 3 varieties of serviceberry, linden, bing cherry, Italian plum, redhaven peach, early elberta peach, black pussy willow, American plum, redstone cornelian cherry, Siberian pea shrub, American hazelnut, variegated willow, liberty apple, honey locust, 2 varieties of wild rose shrubs (red and white), black locust, honeyberry, black, red and champagne currant (limited), jostaberry, wild ginger, comfrey, yarrow, bee balm, day lily, and much more.

Cash and check preferred, but credit cards accepted with small surcharge for expense.

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