No Guild Meetings in May or June

Hi Everyone,
Just to let you know that we will not be having a May or June meeting.  I’m sure most are very busy in this incredibly late spring getting things in the ground.  That’s my reason for the May cancelation.  My reason for June is that is right before our big Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence, and many will be very busy getting ready for that.  I encourage you to join us.  Drew and others, including myself, have worked real hard to put this shindig together and it should be a blast.  Remember, family friendly!!
I also wanted to let you know that I have some plants to share.  I ask you to reply to only me with what you’d like and I’ll pot it up or put it in a bag and leave on my stoop or at the bottom of my driveway for you.
Bee Balm
Lambs Ear
Day Lilys
And a limited amount of Hazelnuts for $11 each.
I am interested in putting together a regional Permaculture Tour later in the Summer.  I would like a show of hands who might be interested in sharing their yard to any interested parties.
Our 2014 PDC Training is quickly coming to a close.  This Sat. and the first weekend in June and we’re done.  What a great group of folks (again).
I think spring is finally happening with the trees finally leafing out.  Whew.  What a long cold season……………….  Glad we’re on the other side.
Kate Heiber-Cobb
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