Slow PDC 2021

Slow Permaculture Design Certification

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The Madison Area Permaculture Guild is rapidly prototyping a new, more accessible format for our annual Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, dubbed the “Slow PDC.”

What makes it slow? It will break down the typical 72 hours of a PDC into 2-hour sections which can be completed over 1 to 3 years, or longer! Completion of each section will be marked with a digital badge (if you are not familiar with digital badges, take a look at this description below)

The first 4 sections, or badges, comprise a thorough introduction and orientation to Permaculture and are required in order to participate in the rest of Slow PDC series. Once the initial four sections are complete, however, the remaining 34, 2-hour sections can be completed in almost any order and on almost any timeline.

We will start by offering a 4-hour classroom (covering 2 badges) one Sunday a month beginning in June 2021. Additional offerings, beyond this one Sunday a month, may arise in the future (should you be interested but unable to attend in June).

June 6th, 2021 10am -2:30pm (½ hour break for lunch )
One: What is Permaculture
Two: Ecology and Observation

July 11th, 2021 10am -2:30pm (½ hour break for lunch )
Three: Essential Permaculture
Four: Design Process

In addition, future sections may be offered by a variety of teachers in a variety of formats and site locations, while addressing the required learning objectives of the badge.

On completing each section, a group of sections, or all sections (completing the PDC) you will receive a certified digital badge, which you can post to your website, a LinkedIn profile, or online resume or other social media site, celebrating your learning accomplishments with family and friends and verifying them for a potential client or employer.

Due to COVID-19 , we’ll be offering the first 4 sections, for the first time, via Zoom classrooms. We are working on innovative ways to ensure an opportunity to interact with other participants and engage with the materials beyond a straight lecture format.

Each section will require some additional study and some homework to be completed outside the classroom and each will offer a Zoom discussion group led by an experienced permaculture guide to provide space for additional small group interaction, address follow up questions, and assist with homework questions.

What is a digital badge? When clicked a digital badge redirects to a digital badge certification site. The certification site ensures you earned the badge (as opposed to just posting a copied image online). The certification site also describes the skills associated with each badge you’ve earned giving potential clients or employers a thorough understanding of the knowledge and accomplishments represented by the badge. 

Topics covered:

  • Permaculture Design and Natural Systems
  • Soil Building and Ecosystems
  • Foraging and Wild Crafting
  • Fungi  – food, soil and remediation
  • Water Harvesting, Management and Remediation
  • Plant Guilds and Forest Gardens
  • Natural Built Environment
  • Energy Systems
  • Invisible Systems, Social Permaculture and Community Building
  • Large and Small Scale Permaculture
  • Intensive Food Systems and Animals
  • Urban Permaculture Solutions
  • Biomimicry and Patterns
  • Participatory Education – our collective knowledge of all the students and instructors is greater than any one of us.

$50 per session ($25 per Badge)
$900 for complete PDC (all 36 Badges)

*We don’t want a lack of money resources to keep anyone from joining us. If you need financial support to participate, please note this in the space provided on the registration form and we’ll follow up with you.

Registration for these sessions is closed

For more information email us at