May 25th Guild Meeting on Biogas


Our meeting is this coming Thursday, May 25th from 6:30 until 8:30 pm.  As usual the first half hour will be a casual potluck and time to visit.  We will then have our presentation from 7-8:30 pm.

We are meeting at Sue Hessel’s property at 4221 School Rd., 53704 on the north side.

Please dress for the weather and bring an outdoor chair to make yourself comfortable.

Our presenter is Doug Renk and here is his info:

Presenter Biography: Doug Renk is a biological process engineer for BIOFerm Energy Systems since 2010.  Renk is directly involved with the commercial and industrial dry fermenters, recycling organics residuals, diverting from landfills and converting to renewable energy.  Renk assists clients in establishing operation protocol and process management.  He also assesses client’s material potential value to help match goals with anticipated results. In his spare time, he is an avid gardener and home biogas/ composting enthusiast. Renk received his M.S. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from the University of Florida and BS in Environmental Management from Rollins College, Florida

Demonstration description: Micro-Scale Biogas for Consumer Use          

Biogas technology can be safely built and regulated for personal use. This workshop will showcase different designs with case studies and performance data. Biogas uniquely combines sustainable living, renewable energy with care for the land. Attendees will obtain enough information to produce renewable gas and possibly liberated from fossil-derived natural gas or petroleum gas products.      

Questions?  Call or text Kate H-C at 608-213-2230.



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Herb Talk on Monday May 8th – Violet and Dandelion

Herb Talk at the MAPG Herb Garden on Monday!!
Monday May 8th, 2017 6:00:-7:30pm
Spring tonic plants of violets and dandelion are the topic tonight. We will be talking how to cook with foraged leaves and flowers. Recipes and a handout will be provided. If you want to do the take-away DIY project please bring a pint mason jar with lid and high proof alcohol (like Everclear) or high proof vodka to tincture the dandelion leaf. We will forage here and make a group project together, as it take MANY violets to make a tincture or oil. If you have violets at home or elsewhere that are in a chemical free space, pick the flowers (some leaves are good too) and bring them with you. The more the better! If you pick the day before, just put them in the refrig in a plastic bag. We welcome you to bring any food to share, more the better if it includes dandelion greens or violets! There will be dandelion leaf tea for us to share together.
There is some Celandine poppy I have to share with those who want some, plants or cuttings. Bring a plastic bag or bucket with you!
Donations are not required but much appreciated to help us maintain the herb garden, add more plants and have project materials for our talks.
Garden location at 3919 Gray Road DeForest, just 2 miles outside of Madison.  Reply to our Google Group for carpool info or email Jean at
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April Meeting is Plugging Mushroom Logs

We will not be having a formal meeting in April, but on Tuesday, April 25th we will be plugging mushroom logs at Sue Hessel’s home on the north side of Madison and all are welcome to come.  These logs will be sold at the Guild’s big Tree, Shrub and Plant sale taking place on Sunday, May 7th (see previous posting).

Tuesday, April 25th from 5 pm until 7:30 pm

4221 School Road, Madison, WI

Bring gloves and dress for the weather.  Everyone welcome.  No experience needed and no cost of course.

Questions?  Text or call Kate at 608-213-2230

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