UPDATE on MAPG Tree, Shrub, Plant and Log Sale

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are weathering this crazy time we’re in.  Everything has had to remain so fluid because of the Pandemic and shut down.
That said, with the extension of the shut down by the Governor we are going to have to do purchases via online, e-mail and curbside pick up on the north side at 4221 School Rd.  Sue Hessel and I are working on how we might make this as easy as possible but it will be difficult to set it all up, so be patient.  Not even all the nursery stock is here.  Some may or may not be here in time for sale.  Some of the nurseries also shut down.
So, stay tuned because we will be unrolling this to you all first to see how it flies.  We will be sharing out a speadsheet of available stock and then folks will order and hopefully pay to my paypal account and then you’ll be notified when your order is ready at Sue’s for curbside pick up.
Due to this being more complicated and probably being much slower to accomplish we realize we’ll be selling stock over a much longer period of time.  We not only replenish our education scholarship fund, but we cover our wesite cost, our liability insurance cost and minor miscellaneous expenses.  We hope to put enough in the coffers so my husband and I don’t have to cover the nursery stock in order to place the orders.  We’ll see how that works.
We will be asking for social distancing volunteers to help Sue keep stock watered and putting together orders, etc.  Please let us know.  And keep your eyes open for the Nursery Stock inventory with prices to be shared out to you.
Thanks for your support and I just want to say that this community is really quite awesome.
Kate H-C
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Updates on Scheduling for Guild Courses & Events

COVID-19 has wedged its way into our lives and created some very big changes and many cancellations and postponements.  For the Madison Area Permaculture Guild also.

The 2020 Permaculture Design Certificate Course is postponed to May 22-24, June 26-28 and July 17-19.  All registered students have been notified and almost all have responded.

Our 2020 Permaculture Teacher Training is cancelled.  We most likely will reschedule it next winter.

The Mushroom log plugging on April 19 is cancelled.

The Tree, Shrub, Plant and Log sale scheduled for the first weekend in May continues on the calendar though will be a sale done with distancing.  No staff or help persons personing the area.  Self wrapping, paying with check or cash into box, and only 2 people or so in the tent at a time.  We will try to send out a list of what we’re selling later in April and most likely the sale will last longer than 2 days because of how we’re having to set it up.  We will let you know more as we know more.  It will take place at 4221 School Rd.

There is a “Needs and Offerings(yields)” Sign Up documents on our Google Group under Madison Permaculture.  Please feel free to use it for these times we’re in.  Questions?

Feel free to contact Kate at 608-213-2230 if you have questions or need to connect.


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2020 Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Beautiful homestead outside of Stoughton will be where we’re gathering.  Some of our projects during the course will be grafting fruit trees and pruning an orchard which includes plant guilds and water harvesting swales and berms.  This will be a fairly small class because of limited indoor space.  Lots of hands-on for you.  We also teach Ecological Principles and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK).  We will spend some time in prairie, wetland,and  woodland observing their unique qualities and systems.  We will also cover some of the basics of Social Permaculture and how it is relates to the principles of permaculture.  This is a 72 hour course over three 3-Day weekends.  For people to become certified the expectation is for you to attend all of the class days.  We also will be having our certified permaculture teachers from 2019 help with the teaching. This will be good!

March 27-29, April 24-26, May 22-24

Location:  Outside of Stoughton, WI

Lead Teachers:  Kate Heiber-Cobb & Marian Farrior

Cost:  $1,000

Payment Plans and Partial Scholarships possible.

Contact Kate to Register or with questions.

608-213-2230 or kateheibercobb@gmail.com

More Info at www.madisonareapermacultureguild.org

Over 10 years of bringing PDC’s to the region.




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