MAPG May Monthly Meeting this Thursday, May 21st

e one, Come all…………………….. to hear our very own Lavender Knight share some of your life knowledge.

From Lavender::
After spending most of my adult life working really hard in gardens and a variety of family structures, accomplishing many tasks and attempting to force plants and children to grow in directions i thought were best (with care and love of course), i am discovering that all that work is over-rated. My current path is one of great mindfulness and experiments in intentional neglect. I look forward to sharing some of the tools i have been learning in the realms of children and the earth, and how to use mindfulness to eliminate “work” in your gardening tasks (truly bringing to life the idea of the garden as a personal therapeutic tool). Please bring children along to this meeting…borrow some from a neighbor if yours aren’t available…
Thursday, May 21st
First Congregational Church at Old University and Breeze Terrace on Campus.  Free parking off Lathrop behind the church.  Fellowship Hall is down a few flights of stairs after you come in the back door.  There are signs in the halls of the church.
1609 University Avenue
6:30 – 7:15 pm:  Potluck and Sharing time.  Please bring your own dishes and utensils if possible.
7:15 – 7:30 pm:  Announcements and Sharings
7:30 – 8:30 pm: Lavender and Discussion to follow.
8:30 pm:  Clean-up.  Please, everyone chip in.
This should be a fun, casual meeting.  As Lavender said, please feel free to bring kids.  Let’s revel in this wonderful spring time energy together.
Questions?  Lost?  Call or text Kate at 608-213-2230.
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MAPG Fundraiser Tree, Shrub & Plant Sale May 16th and May 17th

Build A Guild

10 am until 4 pm

1800 E. Washington Avenue (Fiore shopping center parking lot)

The following trees and shrubs are all Bare Root Stock and will need to be planted asap. 

Aronia, alder, paw paw, persimmon, grafting stock (cherry and apple), sea berry, 3 varieties of serviceberry, linden, bing cherry, Italian plum, redhaven peach, early elberta peach, black pussy willow, American plum, redstone cornelian cherry, Siberian pea shrub, American hazelnut, variegated willow, liberty apple, honey locust, 2 varieties of wild rose shrubs (red and white), black locust, honeyberry, black, red and champagne currant (limited), jostaberry, wild ginger, comfrey, yarrow, bee balm, day lily, and much more.

Cash and check preferred, but credit cards accepted with small surcharge for expense.

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Herb Garden Gathering – Wed 5/13 6P

Please join us in MAPG’s herb garden for a brief talk on the medicinal properties of a lovely spring tonic – violets – and maybe dandelions too. The site has not been sprayed in over 15 years so come and harvest! We’ll do some weeding and/or other garden stewardship as well. Bring your favorite weeding tool if you have one. No previous gardening experience required. We look forward to seeing you!

Time: 6-7:30 PM

Location: 3919 Gray Road, DeForest

Take the Windsor Road exit off Hwy 51 and drive about a mile.  Turn left onto Portage Rd.  Drive about 1/2 mile.  Just before you get to Gray Road, turn onto the grass “driveway” (just past the pine trees).  Please do not park in the Eco-Inn asphalt driveway.


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