MAPG Plant Sale questions for you

So, if you are like me you are scouring seed and nursery catalogs and websites choosing some of how you are envisioning the coming growing season.

We are wondering how many of you are interested in MAPG Tree, Shrub, Plant & Log sale?  Are you interested in Buying?  Are you interested in volunteering to help at it?  Could you be available to help set it up?

We are hoping that you might go through the online list of nursery stock at our friends Reeseviille Ridge Nursery.  Here’s a link for you.


Also, are you interested in us trying to buy from another nursery, and do they give wholesale prices?

Last year was online and totally distanced.  If we do have a sale this year it would most likely be the two first weekends in May and you would be coming by appointment to shop masking and at a distance outside.

Last year we mostly broke even and didn’t make a lot.  Sue Hessel spent a LOT of time on this.  I did too, but not quite as much because it wasn’t at my property.  Our friend, Ginny Borman, was the biggest helper and she died last Summer, so we are pondering how to proceed and wondering who and how many even want us too.

If you could ponder this and give feedback to me that would be greatly appreciated.


Kate H-C

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MAPG February 18th Monthly Meeting on Zoom

I want to let you know that we have scheduled our first zoom meeting for the 3rd Thursday this month, but we will probably switch to the 2nd or 3rd Monday in the future.  That is based on 15 people responding to our survey.  If you have not responded you still can do so.  The link is below.

So, our February meeting will be Thursday, February 18th from 6:30 until 8:30.  The zoom link is below.

If you have not used zoom before you might want to jump on and familiarize yourself with it.  It’s free for you.  I have paid personally to have a Pro edition so we are able to have up to 100 people for an unlimited time.

At this meeting we will be having Miekal And from Dreamtime Village speaking to us about some easy propagation techniques for around 20 minutes with 10 minutes after that for Q & A.

We will then be doing a round robin of attendees on a short sharing of your dreams, visions, or changes to your property or community garden or any other permie type thing you would like to share.

Today we are officially ½ way through the Winter Season.  Underground roots and seeds are starting to niggle and gather energy, buds are forming on our trees (some have been there awhile already), and soon, before you know it, it will be tree tapping time.

Be safe and healthy!!

Kate H-C




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Latest Developments for MAPG

Hello Everyone!

Almost one whole month into 2021.  Whew.  This has been one up and down and all around ride the last 11 months.  I hope you and yours are all safe, healthy, and finding some joy amongst all of the intensity of it.

Except for Guild Tree, Shrub, Plant and Log sale last May we have pretty much been on a hiatus.  The pdc and teacher’s training last year were cancelled.  Well, now we are trying to get up and running through a Zoom Expanded acct. I have and a Discord platform account that Sue H. got us onto.  We are testing that platform for usability.  For sure it will allow any registered members to use it as their own leisure.  So, want to have a platform to talk permaculture with a friend or two?  You would easily be able to use this.  Do you want to start a Permaculture Book Club on a certain book?  You can use this without anyone else having to host it.  Zoom of course requires a host and most likely will have to be used for a PDC online and meetings.  Its bandwidth seems far greater.  We are testing all of this right now.

Speaking of PDC, we are developing a new format for offering up the PDC.  It will be more of Units or Badges (pieces of the PDC curriculum) that you can do one at a time.  There will also be more elective choices on topics that many want to dive into more, but the PDC in 72 hours can’t really do that.  You would be able to take units/badges as you have time and availability with a certain number of the units being mandatory with a few electives of your choice.  We are working out the details from the work that Sue Hessel did for her graduate study in the SISL program at Edgewood College.  We will have a variety of teachers presenting and overseeing these Badges.  At least 4 people who were certified through the teacher training course will teach plus some other very qualified and experienced teachers.  Marian and I will lessen our role as teachers but support the transition of this and all of the people who wish to lead and teach.

I know you probably are yawning at this point, but I wanted to be transparent and update you on what is going on now and into the future.  If you are interested in talking about this let me know.

It looks like we will do a two long weekends Tree, Shrub, Plant and Log Sale this Spring those dates are yet to be set.  It would take place again at Sue’s property.  You’ll be able to take a look at her new and continuing developing ponds that she and Drew put in last year.  Pretty incredible.

I want to remind people that an online version of the Garden Expo is coming up with some interesting presentations.  One is of Scott Johnson’s Walapini greenhouse that he built.  We were supposed to tour this last Summer and of course that wasn’t possible, so this is your change to see in virtually and hear Scott talk about it.  Here’ a little link to see what a walapini is.

I am presently inventorying all the books we have to sell through Chelsea Green.  I will get those lists out to you and they will also be available to purchase in the spring at the plant sale.

We would like to start to have monthly meetings again, but virtually.  Here is a link to a survey we would love for you to fill out so we can find a good time for as many people as we can who are interested.

Thanks so much!!

Kate Heiber-Cobb

Founder MAPG

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